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Many of us moved to towns like Glen Ridge because of the reputation of the schools and the expectation our children receive an education that will prepare them for a successful future. However, rather than focusing on traditional education and teaching students “how to think,” public school boards, administrators, and teachers are moving more toward teaching our children “what to think.” 


While we uphold the right of individuals to choose how they want to live their lives, we also expect the public schools to respect parents’ choices on how they raise their children. Not all parents want their children indoctrinated in race-based theories, reading sexually explicit material, or being taught in the classroom to question their sexuality or gender identity.


We don’t believe teacher unions, administrators, local school boards, or outside agencies should be deciding on and implementing a curriculum aimed at shaping our children’s hearts and minds outside the purview of their parents. Our Glen Ridge CDE group, along with many others forming across the nation, is focused on holding our schools accountable and demanding full transparency.


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