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Michael Menche For Mayor

A Strong Track Record as a Respected Civic Leader

President of the Lambertville Historical Society, I have served the community through a variety of popular activities for many years:


  • Managing the historic restoration of the old Jail, a $210,000 project funded through County grants that I secure and that require no City funds. The centrally located City-owned landmark closed since 1966, will become a flexible space for cultural and educational activities. Read more here.

Michael Menche For Mayor
  • Initiating and conducting many live and virtual programs, including expert presentations, panel discussions, tours, exhibits, and concerts.

  • Conducting an annual holiday music fundraiser that features local artists and involves music production and live and virtual concerts. This year is our 10th anniversary! Enjoy for free the first 8 years here; enjoy the 9th year here.

  • Produced the 2020 Virtual Lambertville House Tour, a virtual program that featured nine video tours that I researched, wrote and directed, and three guest presentations by Lambertville architects. Enjoy some of the videos here and this article.

  • Profiled local residents, watched shad hauling, walked through the Mt. Hope Cemetery, and shared histories of the Kalmia Club and other local institutions and buildings. Enjoy the LHS blog.

  • Work with longtime Lambertville residents to create free online assets, such as the JB Kline Vintage Postcard Gallery and Lambertville Postal History from the Collection of Jim Walker. I’ve also created a custom Google map, the LHS YouTube channel, and added many resources such as old movies and maps to the LHS Links page.

  • I’ve promoted Lambertville for years through social media. In 2012 I created the Shadfest Facebook page and diligently posted thousands of photos and links--the page has more than 3,000 followers and I recently turned over administration to the Lambertville Area Chamber of Commerce. For 10 years I’ve managed the LHS Facebook page, followed by more than 1,900 people, posting hundreds and hundreds of photos, videos, event listings, and links in support of local history.

  • Engaging Lambertville students by creating and conducting scholarship programs and presentations such as 2019’s Dialogue About History.

Note: The Lambertville Historical Society is not affiliated with this campaign.

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